Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Trade Recap--Dime Boxes

I received my first trade package of 2013 in the mail today. Few joys in the hobby beat a trip to the mailbox and finding a padded mailer of cards to add to my collection.

Although this package arrived today, the trade was initiated in 2012, so I will not count it towards my 2013 goal.

This trade was courtesy of Nick over at Dime Boxes - - The Low End Baseball Card Collector's Journey. I found quite a few 2012 Topps Update (41 to be exact) that I needed for my set. In return, I sent a mixture of Matt Cain, Andrew McCutchen, Giancarlo (Mike) Stanton, and David Freese base and insert cards, as well as a few assorted 2012 Topps Gold parallels.

In addition to helping to put a dent in my 2012 Topps Update set, Nick also included some bonus cards for my Yankees, Twins, and Braves team collections, as seen below:

I'm especially excited about the 1989 OPC Dale Murphy card. I don't have a lot of OPC cards in my Murphy collection, so getting this card was a welcome surprise.

If you haven't read Nick's blog, make sure you take some time and check it out. He has a real appreciation for baseball history and provides a refreshing view of the hobby.

Thanks again for the trade, Nick, and I look forward to trading with you again soon!

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  1. Glad you liked everything!

    I actually pulled that OPC Murphy from a repack this Christmas. I was just about to file it away in my binders when I saw that you collected him.

    I figured you'd get way more enjoyment out of it than I ever could.

    Looking forward to trading with you again as well, thanks!