Friday, January 11, 2013

Trade with Cards From the Quarry

Trade #2 of the year arrived in the mail today. This trade was with Cards from the Quarry, which is a blog I recently started following because of the awesome 2012 Quarry Unlimited set. Having dabbled in creating custom cards once upon a time, I can appreciate the time and effort that has gone into putting these together. Modeled after the 1986 Topps set, 2012 Quarry Unlimited features a card of every player who played a game in the 2012 season.

I had a 2010 Topps Chrome 1/1 printing plate of Esmil Rogers that I had a hard time deciding what I wanted to do with. Part of me wanted to sell it online to help fund some collection purchases while the other part of me wanted to get this card in the hands of a Rockies collector.

After looking through a impressive Rockies collection and want list, I had some of the 1993 Topps Inaugural Marlins and Rockies parallels from the want list. Back in the days of the Topps Million Card Giveaway, I tried to get a complete team set of the 1993 Rockies cards, and when Topps sent this to me upon redemption, many of the cards had the Inaugural Marlins and Rockies stamps. I prefer the base version and figured I'd hold onto these for a rainy day.

Coming my way in the trade was an assorted lot of Yankees, Twins, and Braves, plus a triple jersey card from 2009 OPC, featuring Kelly Johnson of the Braves, along with Howie Kendrick and Jayson Nix. All told, I received 22 Braves, 27 Yankees, and 18 Twins.

I'm too lazy to scan every card I received, so I just scanned a few from each team plus the jersey card.

There were 10 Mickey Mantle home run cards, and I think I may try to put this set together. I'm not sure that I need another set to work on right now, but the Mantle HR set would be a neat way to look back at his storied career.

Once again I am very happy with how this trade worked out, and am looking forward to our next trade. Thanks again!

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