Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Trade with Hot Corner Cards

Yesterday I received my first trade package of 2013, thanks to Patrick over at Hot Corner Cards. Patrick's blog showed up on quite a few of the other blogs I follow, so I gave him a read and have added him to my list as well.

Patrick is a Tiger collector, so if you've got some Tigers you'd like to move, check out his trade lists and work out a deal. I highly recommend him as a trader.

Patrick had some assorted 2012 Topps parallels up for trade, and I noticed he had a few Braves and Twins cards I needed for my team collections. I haven't been too active in picking up the gold and sparkle Topps issues from past years, so I am making a conscious effort to add them. No more "base cards or bust" thinking these days.

Alexi Casilla was somewhat of an enigma during his days as a Minnesota Twin. There were times he showed promise as a player who could hold down an everyday spot in the lineup, and then there were days when his play made you wonder if he'd ever set foot on a baseball field before. Apparently he didn't figure into the Twins' 2013 plans and he has moved on to Baltimore.

Juan Francisco gave the Braves a little help off of the bench and a few starts at third base in place of Chipper Jones. While he didn't make Braves fans forget the future HOFer, Francisco did show flashes of the potential that made him a coveted Reds prospect.

There's not much else to be said about Jason Heyward. Even if you don't follow the Braves on a daily basis, you know that this guy is a flat out stud and has many great seasons ahead of him. I'm not a fan of the Braves red jerseys, but this picture still is a good one, capturing Heyward in what looks like the final stretch towards home.

Paul Maholm was a pleasant surprise upon joining the Braves in 2012. I wasn't too big on the acquisition at first, but he did throw some quality innings for Atlanta, and should contend for a spot in what will be a deep rotation in 2013.

Reed Johnson has been one of the best bench players in baseball over the past few seasons. I've always admired guys who are able to perform well while not getting regular playing time. Johnson came over from the Cubs along with Maholm and ended up leading the NL in pinch hitting.

Going Patrick's way were some Tigers cards, mostly some 1988 Score along with some other random Tigers from mid-2000s Topps. Both parties got cards they needed, and another successful trade is in the books. 

Thanks, Patrick, and I look forward to trading with you again!

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