Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Time flies when you're not buying cards

Hard to believe February is almost in the books and I won't even crack double digits in blog posts this month. So much for my goal of posting 3-4 times per week.

I could come up with a litany of excuses, most of them viable, but any time I hear the word "excuse," I have flashbacks to my junior high PE teacher who always used to say what excuses were like, that everyone had them and they all stink.

Discretionary income has been at a premium lately, and other than a couple of trades, I haven't acquired much recently. I have been able to put a dent in the 2013 flagship, the one set I will vow to complete because I am a traditionalist, and I would feel weird not doing so.

In the meantime, I have come across some cards needing a better home than what I can give them, cards that would fill up spaces in a binder or help boost up a player collection. My hope is to get these "care packages" together in the next couple of days and in the mail by Saturday. Kind of a "thanks for trading with me" and "thought you'd like these" gesture on my part.

I still am overwhelmed by the generosity that pervades the blogosphere. I have a trade recap that I am way behind in posting, but not for lack of appreciation. Let's just say the package I received was far and away beyond anything I would have expected.

If you are someone filling out a 2013 Series 1 set, I do have quite a few extras sitting around, so send me your list and I'll try to help you out. I should have my complete want and trade list for Series 1 flagship up tomorrow.

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