Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Thinning the Herd

I've come to the conclusion (with or without some help from my wife) that I've got too many cards and not enough space to keep them.

My collection has narrowed in scope, but unfortunately, the cards that don't fit into that focus are still here.

I know the fate of my retirement fund is not dependent on what's in those boxes, but I'm hoping that there's something that someone, somewhere can use and provide a good home.

There's a random mix of years, mainly mid-2000s to now, containing baseball with some assorted basketball and football as well.

What I'd like to do is trade team card-for-card with someone in the same predicament as me, wanting to get rid of excess inventory for cards that really matter to them.

I collect Braves and Yankees in baseball, Redskins in football, and anything hockey, especially goalies and mid '80s O-Pee-Chee cards.

It's been a while since I've been active in the trade scene, but I'm highly motivated and have a lot to move. Drop me a line and let's get trading!

Long Time No Post

I've been in a funk lately when it comes to my collection, buying not a single card, let alone paging through a binder of player collections.

The biggest reason is a lack of time--from my kids' school and extra-curricular activities, work responsibilities, and projects around the house--I could not squeeze an extra minute to open and look through a pack.

However, the urge to get back into the "card game" came back, but not how I would have thought.

A regular at my LCS who was a trading partner at first and later a close friend passed away from cancer a couple of weeks ago. He had been battling the disease off and on since being diagnosed 17 years ago, and when the cancer would go into remission, it'd come back as if it never left. 

One of the crown jewels in his collection and perhaps his proudest accomplishment was his run of complete Topps baseball sets, starting with the 1962 edition. When I first ran into him, I was beginning my 1963 set, and he helped me out with a bunch of commons for almost next to nothing.
He was always encouraging me to be on the lookout for deals on common lots and occasionally take the plunge and spring for a minor star or star to keep the chase interesting.

About February or March, he found out the cancer was back again, but with a vengeance, and he would be lucky to have six months to live.

He tried to make a few visits to the shop, but by May, he was pretty much confined to his home and under hospice care. 

His passing has made me reflect on what a great hobby collecting is, and the friendships and relationships with other collectors are not to be taken for granted.

I'm going to get that '63 set finished, hopefully sooner than later, and know that he'll feel just as much pride and accomplishment as I will when I cross the last number off my want list.